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About Julius

Julius Harlande is a retired banker who now lives in the North of Scotland. He orginally studied science before taking his bachelor's degree. He then went on to do his Master's degree in financial analysis and macro-economic modelling before joining the merchant bank where he worked for over twenty years. Towards the end of his banking career he developed an interest in forensic accountancy, a skill he brings to his writing.

Julius was initiated into Freemasonry early in his career and has since joined a whole range of side orders which has allowed him to understand many aspects of The Craft. His first novel was set within this secret hidden world of the Masonic Brotherhood that has given him so much pleasure.

Julius is the creator of Dr Ruth Staple, heroine of Darkness Visible -The Secret of the Vaults. When he first introduces his reader to Ruth her life is research. She is first, last and always a genetic structural analyst. Her bright eyes and naturally clear complexion make her face light up when she smiles, but she only smiles when her work is going well. But she soon finds that there is more to surviving in science than being good at structural analysis.

In Darkness Visible Julius brought together his knowledge of university science and the nature of Freemasonry to create another genre of Murder and Masonic mystery.

Julius has long had an interest in secret organizations, not just in Freemasonry. In his next novel, Outside the Gates of Eden, Julius brought together his knowledge of university science, student life and the intense pressure of the Cold War in the early 1970s, to create a gripping story of the terrifying possibilities of giving in to pressure and temptation.

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